Debra Russell, NJ-Based, Certified Business Coach, works privately with professional athletes to develop business practices, financial and emotional intelligence skills and build a successful, sustainable and life-long career.

Work with Debra Russell

You can use business coaching to improve your performance and success in many areas including:

Foundational Business Skills

When pursuing your passion as your business, there is one very common obstacle – you’ve spent all of your time, energy and training to become really good at your passion. But creating a successful business requires other skills. Business coaching can help you develop and hone these skills so you can prosper, including:

  • Marketing and Sales (online and offline) – because you can’t be successful if no one knows who you are!
  • Business Systems and Team Management – so you can work smarter and have a life!
  • Financial Management – the NUMBER ONE reason businesses fail is insufficient cash flow – this is a critical skill
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset – how to think like an entrepreneur and be the CEO for your business

Time Management

Clients report significant improvement in:

  • Ability to be productive, making the most of the often limited time available
  • Prioritizing, particularly their ability to manage conflicting priorities
  • Reduce stress and overwhelm by creating systems for both time and task management that are organically suited to how you individually work
  • Project management by designing workable plans and making real and visible progress

Emotional Intelligence

This is a big bucket term that includes:

  • Confidence – so that you can really go after what you want
  • Self-Esteem – to keep your spirit uplifted when facing the challenges, rejections and obstacles that are an every day aspect of going after your dreams
  • Overcoming Fear – because pursuing your passions takes real courage
  • Managing Your Emotions – including anger, so you can deal with others with power, grace and finesse

With her certification in NLP and Hypnotherapy, Debra Russell can also help you to release deeper held issues in this area as well. Be sure to ask about the Personal Breakthrough Session!

In your sessions, we’ll identify your needs, your goals, create a plan to achieve those goals and then work that plan step-by-step to accomplishment.

More Information About Services:

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