Debra Russell is a Certified Business Coach, Keynote Speaker and Professional Development Trainer, and holds a Master level Certificate in Ericksonian Hynosis and NLP. As a coach, Debra loves to work with individuals and groups who are pursuing their passion as a business.

Debra Russell
Debra Russell Certified Business Coach
Very often, I find people who are truly passionate and talented spend all of their time and energy honing their skills only in the areas of their passion.

Very often this extreme focus leaves them ill-equipped to excel in their business. As a result all of that talent doesn’t lead to the level of success in their business that their talent deserves.

This is particularly true in the world of sports, as athletes struggle to manage their business and their team, too often relying on others to make decisions only they should make.  Because they don’t have the business savvy and confidence they need.

I am committed to supporting athletes as entrepreneurs, to create prosperous and sustainable businesses that will thrive long after they retire from their sport.

In 2001, Debra trained with the Australian based Results Coaching Systems and become a Certified Business Coach. She extended her training to also be certified as a Lead Trainer and has trained over 40 coaches for RCS.

This experience positioned Debra to also become a motivational leader and speaker offering innovative workshops and seminars at professional development conferences in several different industries and countries.

In 2008, Debra received her Master Certification in NLP and Hypnosis from the Christopher Howard Training Program.

Learning from her mother, the CPA, Debra discovered how to budget and how businesses work from the early age of 11. From her father, who holds a PhD in Experimental Psychology, she was gifted with an intuitive insight into human behavior.

Bryan Keyes
Bryan Keyes NFL Retired, Entrepreneur

“Debra helped me see what’s really important when trying to run a business”

Debra has discovered that she can combine both of these talents through coaching to inspire deep and lasting change in her clients and empower them to create real success in their business and their lives.